UI/UX Case Study
2 Months
Illustrator | Invision

Sprinter is a conceptual companion application for a conceptual smart sneaker which can track caloric intake and caloric consumption throughout the day.



Conceptualize a smart product that can exist in the future and create an accompanying application to access features for the smart product.


The companion application will serve as a health and fitness tool for the smart sneaker user. The user will be able to use the information recorded with the application and track their progress on their personal health and fitness goals. The user will also be able to tailor their preferences for their smart sneaker through the application by using the foot pressure map to change cushion settings.


The challenge for this project is to create something that does not have the technology to currently exist. In order to tackle a companion application is to first research and examine currently existing companion applications and extrapolate aspects that are universally expected within general applications for smart products.


Through the application, the user will be able to have information tracked by the smart sneaker at their fingertips and the information can be shown in a quick, intuitive and visual way. This solution has a clean look and wireframe-like appearance making the information feel the most important to the user. The foot map allows the user to pin-point regions in shoe to react to their personal needs and comfort preferences.


Sprinter is a project that really pushed the envelope and thinking outside of the box and yet making sure the design solution and concept is rooted in realism. This application is an example of experimenting with information design while factoring user interface and user experience.

Since this project was as open-ended as it was, I feel like I could have included more methods of trying to show information in unique ways. I would also tweak the overall appearance of the application as a whole however the solution that ended up being is one that is very effective.

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