UI/Ux | Prototyping
3 Months
Illustrator | invision
Team Members
Ajay PAtel, Angela Noble, Channon Leathley, vincent Tam

Kronos is an application aimed to give time back to you and provide accurate timesheets for companies and freelance workers.


Freelance designers and other professions that work by the hour are always kept track by their employers and clients. This establishes trust and transparency between clients, employers, employees and contractors.       


With Kronos, users are granted the ability to both schedule and control their time usage at their fingertips. This allows flexibility and rigidity for tight schedules to users, integrity for users to manage and utilize their time properly and creates up-to-date timesheets to be shared to clients and employers for accurate billing.


This project started with first looking at existing timekeeping applications on mobile and desktop. As a team, we analyzed what was effective about each of these applications and conceptualized a design solution with features what we felt were essential to including in our own. The steps that follow included creating user scenarios, prototypes, visual identity guidelines, and utilizing user testing for refining the final product.


The application design took a lot of inspiration from existing timekeeping applications but we wanted to make sure that timekeeping and project management integration very intuitive and fluid. It was also very important for us to keep the user in mind and make the application cover different aspects that they would find useful in conjunction with the core functions of the app. Some aspects we included were the ability to create invoices and have access to reports in app to keep track of all completed and on-going projects.


Working on Kronos was a great experience as it encompasses many different aspects of bringing a product together from the research and development to user testing, and refinement. This project also introduced me to collaborating with a team and maintaining a high level of communication with a team constantly to keep a product consistent and cohesive. This experience also allows me to work with different people who have differing methodology and thinking which was eye-opening to see how their thoughts differ from my own and adapting to those to move forward with a project that has design input from everyone and ultimately create a product that we are all proud of.

Looking back at this project, I think the team and I tackled the objective effectively and went above the objective and incorporated features complimented the main objective and contributing to a stronger overall product. There was many challenges that came in working on a team namely making sure everyone was on the same page however that never inhibited the progress of the project which made every little challenge feel rewarding.

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