the Great Escape

Information Design
1 Month
Illustrator | Sketch

The Great Escape is public service and awareness brochure that encourages help from immediate people around suffering individuals of depression and other mental illnesses. 



Victims of mental illnesses struggle day to day, and they need a constant figure; a person who can help with their problems, listen and provide strength to them.


The Great Escape aims to target individuals who have loved ones suffer from mental illness and encourage them to take a more proactive role in supporting their loved ones. This should create a level of strength and an avenue for when times are especially tough. As more people actively try to help those in need, there will be more encouragement for a collective contribution for mental wellness.


The goal for this project was to create a pamphlet that has at minimum 6 pages and have a poster that can be displayed when fully unfolded. With my solution and information I wanted to show, I went with an 8 page design with room to show illustrations and graphs to show statistics that I felt would matter to the target audience.


The pamphlet is able to show information in a way that is not too overwhelming but also be informative enough to provoke thoughts and bring awareness of depression to those who are close to loved ones who suffer from it.


For me, working on this project was a reflection of what I saw around me everyday, in an environment that was high stress and where many people are under pressure of deadlines which allowed me to step back for a moment to think back about people around me. Depression is not something I took lightly and this allowed me to think of this project in a way that was more than just a project and more of a service. This project was also a great way for me experiment with how to incorporate illustrations with information and finding effective ways to make both stand out in a way without overpowering the other. This project also allowed me to look at lots of information and discern what would be the most important to target audiences; condensing that information into a digestible way that would make sense for a pamphlet.

Looking back at this project, I feel like it was successful as a informational piece. However since then I think my illustrating skill has grown and thus I feel if given the chance to do this project again, the illustrations and cohesive visuals would be far stronger of an element creating not only a better looking pamphlet but this would also reflect towards appealing poster in its unfolded form. I found the form factor that I chose for this project was very good and accomplishes everything that I wanted to from the information to the folding design.

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