Editorial | Book design
3 Months
Illustrator | Indesign | photoshop

Distraction/Reaction aims to study and look at the role of digital distractions while in operation of motor vehicles. The case study also looks at the scope of perspectives behind the impact of distracted motor vehicle operation.



Driving under the influence is a commonly voiced sentiment surrounding public safety. However, to a much lesser degree: driving while distracted is just as bad as driving under the influence and operating motor vehicles while tired.


Distraction/Reaction looks to increase relatability and relevancy of distracted driving to everyday motorists. By appealing to the viewers’ empathy this allows for the opportunity to emphasize on the severity and consequences of negligent and reckless motoring habits.


Taking a more personal approach with this project was more of the aim since the goal is not to overwhelm audiences with numbers but to create a campaign that synergizes more with attaching traumatic life experiences to create empathy. This approach led to research and looking into stories and the first hand experiences of both affecting the affected persons.


The design I went forward with became a small book that talks briefly about how and in what ways qualify as distracted driving and looks at the stories of those who are involved in distracted driving incidents. These stories include different viewpoints from different parties involved such as families, the drivers, and victims for a wide scope of the digital involvement in driving in communities.


Distraction/Reaction is a project that examined an aspect of social negligence, this was a chance to look at book making and typography and utilizing these aspects as a dominant feature in my approach towards designing the final book. This deeper look at book making and typography allowed me to grasp on new technical skills on both book and editorial design, and thus allowing me to be experimental with how I want to present information to my audience in a deep and meaningful way.

In retrospect of Distraction/Reaction, I could envision the project where I would take a broader approach and expand the ways in which I wanted information I wanted to show. I feel that this project has potential to be an entire campaign with posters and advertisements that can go on bus stops and billboards to take it in a public service direction which was never fully realized.

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